Our family had been asleep for only a short time when a thunderstorm hit our area one night. We are used to thunderstorms and all of the water they can bring. Because of this, our small, unfinished basement has a sump-pump to make sure no extra ground-water leaks into the house.

Within 30 minutes of the storm starting, the house alarm went off. My husband checked his cell phone immediately to see what was causing the alarm, and it was the sump-pump in the basement! He disarmed the alarm and went downstairs to assess damage; part of it had broken apart and water was spraying into the basement. He found the tools he needed and fixed it easily; he was back upstairs within ten minutes.

We are so grateful we had an alarm set on our sump-pump! If we hadn't had the alarm, it could have been hours or even a day before we would have noticed the water. All of our storage is down in the basement, including food storage, decorations, and some books/papers and they could have been destroyed. The alarm saved us a from that loss, and from the time and money to clean it all up.

Charles - Tirunelveli

I like how SANTAINDIAcalls me right away when my alarm goes off. They try and reach me by home phone and cell phone. My questions are always answered and I am never rushed off the phone. I appreciate the reps patience and expertise in solving any of my concerns.

Diyan - Vallioor

I just want to thank you for listening to my concerns as well as setting up a repair order for our alarm system. I'll be looking for the signs and window stickers next week and I'm sure my neighbors will ask where I picked them up.

Rajendran - Tenkasi

The one time that my house was broken in to, the system worked well and the police were called. The two times I have set off my smoke alarm, you guys called to make sure everything was okay. Can't ask for more than that.

Parameswaran - Tuticorin

I always get great customer service from SANTAINDIA, whether talking with the billing, installation, or monitoring areas of the company. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I have two residences that SANTAINDIAtakes care of and I feel very comfortable knowing that they are taking care of my security needs.

Jayaraj - Tenkasi

I like that when I'm going out of town I can call and let you know, so that if there is an alarm they will know to call the police without going through the phone protocol. I also like the response time when we accidentally set the alarm off.

Vijayan - Pollachi